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What is psychoanalysis?

The Strangerness Within by Jonathan Isserow (2015)

In this animation, four psychoanalysts explore the relevancy of psychoanalysis for contemporary life. A central idea that emerges is that psychoanalysis may provide a way of thinking deeply about parts of ourselves that we cannot know about. It also provides a way of understanding social, political and economic relationships and phenomena. Lastly, its status and value as a particular kind of science is briefly examined.

What is Psychoanalysis? Part 1: Is it Weird? by The Freud Museum London (2015)

'What is Psychoanalysis?' is a 4-part educational film series for students and teachers.

Primarily aimed at A-Level Psychology students studying the 'psychodynamic approach', these films are intended to facilitate first encounters with Freud's thought.

Is psychoanalysis weird?
A talking cure
The unconscious
The ego is not master in its own house
Psychoanalysis and the 'cognitive approach'

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What is Psychoanalysis? Part 2: Sexuality by The Freud Museum London (2015)

An enlarged concept of sexuality
Infantile sexuality
Perversion is something we're born with
Normal and abnormal
Psychosexual stages of development: oral, anal, phallic
Sexuality and symptoms

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What is Psychoanalysis? Part 3: The Oedipus Complex by The Freud Museum London (2015)

The emotional world of children
His Majesty the Baby
The mother as first love object
Is it sexual?
Jealousy, rivalry, hatred and anxiety
The role of the father
Gender: Freud didn't think you were just 'born a boy' or 'born a girl'
There is no perfect resolution of the Oedipus complex
It marks us for life

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What is Psychoanalysis? Part 4: The Ego, the Id and the Superego by The Freud Museum London (2015)

A fractured self
Id, Ego, Superego
Why did Freud develop a new model?
Devils and angels
People fall ill of their moral ideals
A horse and a rider
The ego is like a politician
The goal of analysis is to stop the ego being so silly

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